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Sunday, Feb 2, 2020   
Award Winner
AWP  МЕДИТАТОР (240 kills with awp)
Colt M4A1 Carbine  1ng'0ldsch00l / CuBbIu*74 (157 kills with m4a1)
Desert Eagle  <---4ekHyTbIu*(+_+)BrOd9IGa---> (55 kills with deagle)
Dual Berretta Elites  FORSS (3 kills with elite)
Five-Seven  cs51rus`baba-zina (2 kills with fiveseven)
Fusil Automatique  Stenley Ipkiss (49 kills with famas)
Grenade  <---4ekHyTbIu*(+_+)BrOd9IGa---> (15 kills with hegrenade)
Longest Kill Streak  kowka [This Never Happened] (10 kills)
Longest Play Time  1ng'0ldsch00l / CuBbIu*74 (08:01:02h hours)
M249 PARA  МЕДИТАТОР (7 kills with para)
MAC-10  geka6pb (13 kills with mac10)
Most Deaths  1ng'0ldsch00l / CuBbIu*74 (280 deaths)
Most Improved Player  Stenley Ipkiss (1,748 points gained)
Most Suicides  cs51rus`baba-zina (12 suicides)
MP5-Navy  Su[Grob]18RUS (9 kills with mp5navy)
P90  cs51rus`baba-zina (23 kills with p90)
Scout Eilte  9kyt (7 kills with scout)
SG-552 Commando  МЕДИТАТОР (11 kills with sg552)
Shotgun  CyMaIIIeDJkee^^ (3 kills with m3 shotgun)
Sig Sauer P-22  Faim (2 kills with p228)
Steyr Aug  bEn (28 kills with aug)
Steyr TMP  1ng'0ldsch00l / FLINT 74 rus (6 kills with tmp)
Top Defuser  МЕДИТАТОР (11 bomb defusions)
Top Hostage Killer  <---4ekHyTbIu*(+_+)BrOd9IGa---> (2 hostages killed)
Top Hostage Rescuer  KOTIK (4 hostages rescued)
UMP45  4o tam? (5 kills with ump45)
XM 1014 Auto-Shotgun  FORSS (8 kills with xm1014)